Compliance assessment

We provide product safety testing services

Compliance assessment

We audit and certify the management systems of companies and 
organizations in accordance with the requirements of international standards

Specialized training

We teach you relevant issues in the field of product and management system certification, management system accreditation

CE marking

  • legalization of the product;
  • determination of legal requirements applicable to the product;
  • gap analysis of the technical file.
of management

years of activity in the field of conformity assessment

15 - 25

implemented projects per month


successfully realized projects with the Sertika team

Certify the management system
  • Because a functioning and maintained management system empowers the company for success, stability and long-term value creation.
  • Such a company is constantly developing ways to assess risks and manage them.
  • Management operates with appropriate management tools: defined, simplified and schematized the main processes of the organization.
  • It ensures the effectiveness and efficiency of operations, and builds the client's trust in the organization.

For further questions, please contact SERTIKA sales manager of Management systems certification department:

Product safety testing
  • We perform tests only according to valid international standards. The laboratory has been accredited since 1997.
  • We can help you select the EU regulatory requirements applicable to your product for conformity assessment: directives, regulations, standards, testing methods, which must be met before placing the product on the EU market.
  • When the client is designing and developing a new product, we can perform preliminary, partial tests (pre-testing) for individual methods.
  • Test protocols issued by the SERTIKA laboratory are recognized in all European Union countries and other international markets.

For further questions, please contact the head of the SERTIKA Laboratory department:

Accreditation preparation training

You are creating a conformity assessment body:

  • testing and calibration laboratory;
  • medical laboratory;
  • certification body for products/inventions, processes and services;
  • management systems certification body;
  • person certification body;
  • control body?

We know the requirements for accreditation for these institutions both theoretically and practically. We will gladly share this experience with You during training.

For further questions, please contact the head of the SERTIKA Product certification department:

About Us

We perform:

  • auditing and certification of management systems;
  • safety tests of prototypes of devices, products, tools manufactured for the EU market;
  • legalization, certification of products, products, equipment;
  • analysis of EU legal requirements for the product;
  • product technical documentation conformity assessment and analysis of deficiencies;
  • training of testing and calibration laboratories, product certification/management system certification/employee certification institutions;
  • other training.