We discuss relevant issues of test preparation:

  1. What tests do I have to perform for my product?             
  2. When is it worth applying for tests?             
  3. What information do we need about the product in order to determine the requirements of the standards?     
  4. The following documents about the product help to submit the offer and sign the contract.
  5. How to prepare product for testing?
  6. Who can order tests?
  7. Confidentiality and impartiality
  8. What product tests and other services can I order at Sertika?
  9. What results can I expect after testing the product?

We can help you select the EU regulatory requirements applicable to your product for conformity assessment:

  • directive, regulations;
  • standards and necessary test methods to be met before placing the product on the EU market;
  • other requirements. 

When is it worth applying for tests?

  • when you have a product, a product idea;
  • when you know the functions and purpose;
  • when you have a product project;
  • once you have a product prototype;
  • once you have launched the product into production;
  • when the design of the product changed;
  • when you have modified the product or changed ingredient suppliers;
  • when the legal requirements for the product have changed and the product has been modified.

What information do we need about the product in order to determine the requirements of the standards?

We start familiarization with the product by analysing technical information given by the manufacturer.

The UAB SERTIKA team will determine the requirements applied to the product faster and easier if you provide us product's technical data, technical specifications:

  •     main functions, areas of application
  •     power supply voltage
  •     maximum voltage of internal circuits
  •     components, materials (their CE declarations of conformity or certificates or test reports)
  •     component communication (wireless, communication cables)
  •     power (total)
  •     weight, device type (stationary, mobile, portable).

The following documents about the product help to submit the offer and sign the contract:

  •     product technical file, available technical documentation (LT, EN language);
  •     product name, model, quantity pcs.;
  •     manufacturer;
  •     user manual (doc);
  •     product label (doc);
  •     design drawings (pdf).

How to prepare the tested product for testing:

  • if there are several test laboratories - to have several test objects;
  • provide the laboratory with clear and concise instructions of using the product;
  • have a product engineer who can answer questions or requests for information from Sertika lab engineers, if product repair is needed;
  • be prepared that the product will need to be adjusted until it meets the technical requirements for safety.

Who can order tests:

Confidentiality and impartiality:

  • we always adhere to a strict policy of confidentiality and impartiality;
  • at the manufacturer's request, we sign a separate non-disclosure agreement (NDA).

What product trials and other services can I order:

  • We perform an analysis of the EU legal requirements applicable to the product, determine which requirements, standards, directives are relevant and provide a list of relevant EU legal acts for your product.
  • We define which test methods apply to your product and provide a list of safety standards relevant to your product, as well as other standards that are harmonized according to the following directives: Electromagnetic Compatibility, Low Voltage, Machinery, ROHS, Radio Communication Devices, Medical Devices Regulation.
  • We agree on which tests we perform: tests are performed in an accredited area and a safety test report is provided and/or tests are performed in a non-accredited area and a test report is provided.
  • When the client is designing and developing a new product, we can also perform preliminary or partial tests (pre-testing) for individual methods.
  • When necessary, we analyze the shortcomings of your product's technical documentation.
  • Training on the topics of standards, directives, regulations requirements.

We only perform tests according to valid international standards.

What results can I expect after testing the product:

  • Test protocol with positive results.
  • Test report with negative results. The manufacturer then corrects the documentation or improves the product and submits it to Sertika for retesting.
  • Product after testing. The product may be subjected to maximum load, wear, etc. Therefore, we already discuss in the contract that: the CLIENT must be aware that due to the atypical conditions used during the tests for the normal use of the product, irreversible changes may occur in the structure of the materials of the test sample and individual elements. Modifications may reduce the safety of the product and may be dangerous to personnel servicing it and people coming into contact with this sample. Therefore, the CLIENT must take measures to ensure the safe operation of this sample or not put it on the market. SERTIKA is not responsible for products that are damaged or misaligned during testing.
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