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How to certify an ISO 50001 Energy Management System

Where can I find the official name of the standard ISO 50001 and the valid version of the standard?

You can always find the current edition of the standard, amendments or corrections to the standard on the website of the Lithuanian Department of Standardization.

ISO 50001 Energy use management systems. Requirements and instructions for use (ISO 50001:2018).

Briefly about ISO 50001

This international standard ISO 50001 applies to organizations of all types and sizes, regardless of geographical location, cultural or social conditions. Successful implementation of the standard depends on the commitment of all levels and functions of the organization, especially top management. This International Standard defines the requirements for an energy management system that enables an organization to develop and implement an energy use policy and set energy use goals, objectives and action plans, taking into account legal requirements and information related to energy use. Energy management systems allow the organization to achieve its political commitments, to take appropriate actions necessary to improve energy efficiency, and to demonstrate the system's compliance with this international standard. This International Standard applies to activities under the control of the organization and where it can be adapted to meet the specific requirements of the organization, including system complexity, level of documentation and available resources.

Objective of ISO 50001

The objective of this international standard is to enable organizations to develop the necessary systems and processes to improve energy efficiency, including energy performance, use and costs. The implementation of this international standard promotes the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and other negative environmental impacts and energy costs through the application of energy management systems.

ISO 50001 value

The application of this international standard on a global scale leads to more efficient use of available energy resources, increases competitiveness and reduces the emission of greenhouse gases and other negative effects on the environment. This international standard applies regardless of the type of energy used.
Compliance with the requirements of the energy use management system defined in the ISO 50001 standard allows the organization to:
  • take a systemic approach to continuously improve energy efficiency, including energy performance, energy use and costs;
  • Helps to understand the factors that determine energy consumption;
  • demonstrate to interested parties that it complies with the implemented energy use policy;
  • helps to calculate expected energy savings and allocate resources.
The certified management system according to the requirements of the ISO 50001 standard meets the requirements of the legal act on energy consumption audit.

Advantages of a certified management system according to the ISO 50001 standard:

  • confidence in the manufacturer or service provider is increased;
  • the reputation and image of the organization improves;
  • compliance with legal requirements;
  • competitive advantage when offering or supplying products to the European Union or other countries and participating in public tenders.

Integrated management system

This international standard, ISO 50001, is based on the common elements of ISO management system standards, ensuring a high level of compatibility with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, etc. The organization may choose to integrate this International Standard into other management systems. Changes The LST EN ISO 50001:2018 standard replaces the previous version of the standard ISO 50001:2011, which from 2021 November 29 expires.

You can learn more about the ISO 50001 standard here:
More about UAB "Sertika" management system certification process is presented in the document "Management system certification (conformity assessment) regulations" (here) and section „FAQ“ (here).

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