SAFETY TESTING ACCORDING TO LST EN 61010-1 - Electrical equipment for measurement, control, and laboratory use


Where can I find the official name of the standard LST EN 61010-1 and the valid version of the standard?

You can always find the current edition of the standard, amendments or corrections to the standard on the website of the Lithuanian Department of Standardization.

LST EN 61010-1 Safety requirements for electrical equipment for measurement, control, and laboratory use – part 1. General requirements.

The meaning of the LST EN 61010-1 standard, why is it needed:

This standard applies to laboratory equipment, which includes: electronic measuring devices, multifunction meters, electronic testing devices, control devices.

LST EN 61010-1 determines:

  • basic safety and
  • essential operational requirements;
  • indicates laboratory equipment tests;
  • provides guidelines for their application.

During device testing, the following is defined:

  • classification and labeling;
  • electrical parameters;
  • mechanical parameters.

Depending on the structure of the device, the principle of operation, additional standards may be applied.

LST EN 61010-1 standard applies to:

  • in vitro diagnostic equipment;
  • pump stands;
  • calibration stands;
  • power supplies;
  • spectroscopic systems;
  • autocorrelators;
  • converters, transmitters, signal generators, salt aerosol generators;
  • femtosecond lasers;
  • optical amplifiers;
  • urea analyzers.

LST EN 61010-1 standard does not apply:

  • electrical installations;
  • medical devices;
  • audio/video devices.
  • power transformers.

"Sertika" testing laboratory is accredited to perform tests according to the LST EN 61010-1 standard.

You can find the entire current area of safety testing activities of UAB "Sertika" here: UAB "Sertika" laboratory testing area.

Do you have questions about product safety testing and/or certification?

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In order for us to submit a proposal for certification, the initial information required for the application is:

  1. technical documentation of the device;
  2. a precise description of the intended functions of the device;
  3. what standard of certification/testing do you prefer?
  4. how long and when do you want SERTIKA conformity assessment results?

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