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How to certify ISO 9001 Quality Management System

Where can I find the official name of the standard ISO 9001 and the valid version of the standard?

You can always find the current edition of the standard, amendments or corrections to the standard on the website of the Lithuanian Department of Standardization.

ISO 9001 Quality management systems - Requirements (ISO 9001:2015).

Briefly about ISO 9001

ISO 9001 is an internationally recognized standard for implementing a quality management system (sometimes abbreviated simply QMS). The management system according to this standard has been chosen by more than half a million organizations in more than 150 countries of the world. ISO 9001 pays special attention to the customer, which creates the conditions for achieving maximum customer satisfaction and, at the same time, higher profits. Emphasizing customer satisfaction, process management, measurement, continuous improvement, and greater involvement of top management, the ISO 9001 standard can be applied to both the service sphere and industry. The international standard is based on the principles of quality management described in ISO 9000. Descriptions include:

  • statement of principle;
  • justification of why the principle is important to the organization;
  • some examples of benefits associated with the principle;
  • some examples of possible actions for improving organizational effectiveness by applying the principle.
The implementation, development and certification of the quality management system is a strategic decision of the organization that can help improve the effectiveness of the organization and create a solid foundation for its activities.

Objective of ISO 9001

This international standard, ISO 9001, promotes the application of a process approach to the development, implementation and improvement of the performance of the quality management system in order to increase customer satisfaction by meeting customer requirements.

ISO 9001 value

The advantages of an organization that implements a quality management system in accordance with the requirements of an international standard:
  • the customer's needs are better understood and met: the level of customer satisfaction increases;
  • systematic planning, execution, control, improvement of the organization's operational processes is taking place;
  • controlled quality of products, processes and services;
  • resources are used more efficiently;
  • clearly defined responsibilities and powers;
  • continuous assessment of risks and their management;
  • effective communication between employees is ensured.

Advantages of a certified management system according to the ISO 9001 standard:

  • confidence in the manufacturer or service provider is increased;
  • the reputation and image of the organization improves;
  • compliance with legal requirements;
  • competitive advantage when offering or supplying products to the European Union or other countries and participating in public tenders.

Integrated management system

Often, the quality management system is integrated with other management systems, such as the environmental protection management system according to the requirements of the standard ISO 14001:2015. Also, in many sectors, special standards for quality management systems have been created for that sector, based on the requirements of this international standard (e.g. ISO 15224:2017 Quality management systems. ISO 9001:2015 application to healthcare). Some of the standards set out additional requirements for quality management systems, while others only provide guidelines on how to apply this standard in a specific activity sector.
You can learn more about the ISO 9001 standard here:
More about UAB "Sertika" management system certification process is presented in the document "Management system certification (conformity assessment) regulations" (here) and section „FAQ“ (here).

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