Management system certification

What is management systems certification/
Conformity assessment

What is a company management system and why is it needed?

Certification (conformity assessment) is a procedure by which the certification body acknowledges that the product, process, service, qualification of a natural person meets the established requirements. See more about what certification is:

What is the purpose of a management system?

The foundation of an organization is the organization and management of finances, people and procedures. Therefore, an organization that chooses, for example, to work according to the requirements of the ISO 9001 quality management system, gains many advantages in the long run. It effectively organizes and formalizes all processes required by the company, ensures that all necessary processes run from A to Z. Also, ISO 9001 or another standard of the quality management system family requires defining the quality parameters of the company's product, product or service and maintaining them with the help of all managed processes .
The organization's management system is based on written and controlled procedures (procedures, work instructions), which:
  • defines and explains the main and supporting, administrative-management processes in the company, for example, the provision of a service or the production of a product, which:
i) meets the requirements of legal acts, the chosen standard, according to which the certification of the management system is aimed at,
ii) the interests of the organization,
iii) customer needs,
  • forms ways to assess risks and manage them.
  • ensures the management of process effectiveness and efficiency, which determines the success of the organization.

Implementation, development, certification of the management system, regardless of the selected standard, is a strategic decision of the management.
Installation, development, certification of the system is possible in an organization of any activity or size.
UAB "Sertika" carries out the certification of the company's management system(s).

What is important for product manufacturers to know?

Manufacturers must note that product/product quality management is not limited to the implementation, auditing and certification of a management system in the production process.

ISO 9001 takes care of a stable and consistently functioning production line that supports and ensures serial production of the selected product prototype.

Before this stage, the manufacturer must design and create a product prototype according to the relevant EU safety requirements. Then the product needs to be tested, tested in laboratories, technical documentation prepared, CE declaration and CE marking on the product prepared and certified when necessary.

SERTIKA helps companies in the certification process of management systems

SERTIKA audits and certifies company management systems

UAB "Sertika" management systems certification department since 2008. carries out conformity assessment of company management systems: management system auditing, adoption of decisions on the issuance of management system certificates, certification. This is called certification for short.

SERTIKA is accredited in the field of management systems certification

UAB "Sertika" management systems unit operates in accordance with the requirements of the current editions of the LST EN ISO/IEC 17021-1 and LST EN ISO/IEC 27006 standards, other related accompanying normative documents and the National Accreditation Bureau of the Republic of Lithuania (NAB), the European Accreditation Organization (EA ) and the requirements of the International Accreditation Forum (IAF). The activities of SERTIKA management systems conformity assessment (auditing and certification) are constantly supervised and audited by the National Accreditation Bureau.
The responsibilities and obligations of SERTIKA and the CLIENT are defined in the Management Systems Certification Regulations, which are an integral part of the provision of services to both parties, and are presented in the right corner of this page.


How complaints and appeals are managed in SERTIKA


Appeal - an appeal by the provider of the object of conformity assessment to SERTIKA regarding the reconsideration decision made by SERTIKA regarding this object. At the request of the person submitting the appeal, he is given the opportunity to participate in the appeal process.


Unlike an appeal, a person or organization filing a complaint about a SERTIKA with the expectation of a response.

Where to file an appeal or complaint?

The Client or his Client may submit a complaint or appeal to SERTIKA regarding improper actions related to SERTIKA's activities or SERTIKA's Client's activities by e-mail. at: or SERTIKA correspondence address: Savanorių pr. 271 – 255, 50131 Kaunas. Addressing the letter to the director.
SERTIKA examines the complaint/appeal within 20 working days and informs the applicant of the complaint/appeal about the decision.
If the decision taken by SERTIKOS is not satisfactory to the complaint/applicant, he can file a complaint/appeal again. SERTIKA understands that it is responsible for all decisions at all levels of the appeals and complaints processing process and does not transfer the processing of appeals and complaints to third parties. SERTIKA ensures that the persons involved in the appeals and complaints process are different from those who performed the audit and made decisions on certification. SERTIKA ensures that the filing of appeals and complaints, investigation and decision on appeals will not be discriminatory to the appellant.

How do I know if the certificate is valid?

SERTIKA collects information about the validity of customer certificates in the Certificate Register. If you want to know the validity status of the certificate, write to the email address Information on the validity status of certificates is provided in writing.

Revoked and suspended certificates are published here: Certificates revoked and/or suspended by Sertika.

Changed certificates are published here: Changed certificates


Do you have questions about management system certification?

We kindly invite you to contact us using the following contacts:

In order for us to submit a proposal for certification, the initial information required for the application is:

  1. What certification standard do you want?
  2. Have you installed a system of the desired standard? If not, when do you plan to do it?
  3. What services or product production do you want to certify?
  4. How many people work in your company?
  5. Do you have departments and where are they located?
  6. Where is your office located?
  7. How long and when do you want SERTIKA audit and compliance assessment results?

Management systems certification application ISO 9001, ISO 14001,
ISO 45001 Quality management, environmental protection, work safety system, (KVS-AVS-DVS);
Management systems certification application ISO 27001 Information security (ISVS);
Management systems certification application ISO 22000 Food safety (MSVS).

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