ISO Standards

ISO standards

Who prepares and approves ISO/IEC standards?

International standards are normally prepared by technical committees of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).
The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) is a worldwide federation of national standardization organizations (ISO members).
In all areas related to electrotechnical standardization, ISO works closely with the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). Each ISO member, being interested in a certain field of activity for which a technical committee is established, has the right to have its representatives in that committee.

What is the role of the Lithuanian standardization department in the development and coordination of ISO/IEC standards?

Lithuanian Department of Standardization – the recognized national standardization institution is the public administration budget institution of the Republic of Lithuania. Its tasks are:

  • to participate in the formation and implementation together with interested parties of the state policy in the field of standardization;
  • form technical committees to prepare Lithuanian standards and other publications and coordinate their preparation;
  • adopt, issue and distribute Lithuanian standards and other publications that are applied voluntarily;
  • to provide information about the standards, technical regulations and legal acts of conformity assessment procedures and their drafts to Lithuanian institutions and business entities in force in Lithuania;
  • to represent Lithuania's interests in the activities of European and international standardization organizations according to competence

What is SERTIKA's role in the development of European standards projects?

International, governmental and non-governmental organizations with links to ISO are also involved in this work. UAB "Sertika" participates in the activities of the technical committees of the Lithuanian Department of Standardization, here we examine the draft European standards submitted for public consultation, make suggestions, and vote whether the draft standards have been prepared properly.

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How to choose the right management system standard for your organization?

The spectrum of management system standards is wide, usually companies start working with quality management system standards: ISO-9001.

What is a management system?

The basis of the company's management system is written and controlled procedures (procedures, work instructions), which:

  • defines and explains key organizational processes that:
  • complies with legal acts;
  • of the chosen standard for certification of the management system;
  • the interests of the organization;
  • customer needs.
  • forms ways to assess risks and manage them;
  • it ensures the effectiveness and efficiency of processes and the success of the organization;
  • creates long-term value.

The implementation, development, auditing and certification of the management system, regardless of the chosen standard, is a strategic decision of the management. Implementation, development, auditing and certification of the system is possible in any organization of any activity or size. UAB "Sertika" carries out conformity assessment of the company's management system(s): auditing and certification.

Where to start the certification process?

In order for us to submit an offer, please complete the application according to the chosen standard and send it by e-mail to:;

Link to download the application

Do you have additional questions about management system certification?

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